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Shaikh al Nadir
Shaikh al Nadir ( Ansata Sinan x Nadira Fujai )
Ansata Sinan x Nadira Fujai
2006 Grey Stallion

Sired by renowned International champion and sire Ansata Sinan and out of a Shaikh al Badi daughter, this young stallion carries some of the most sought-after Egyptian blood worldwide.  We have retained this horse as a possible herd sire, and continue to watch his development closely. Notable features include excellent shoulder, topline, and croup, high, straight tail carriage, grey with base coat black, very strong pigment, ears small, nicely curved and placed, shapely neck, and a short head with intact dark about the eye.  This colt has great presence, an excellent disposition, and that highly-prized “Sinan look”.

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Pedigree: Shaikh al Nadir
Shaikh al Nadir
2006 AHR# 629381
Ansata Sinan
1992 G AHR# 0482308
Prince Fa Moniet
1981 G AHR# 0239446
1967 G AHR# 0045351
Fa Moniet
1987 G AHR# 0042922
Ansata Nefara
1988 G AHR# 0410754
Ansata Halim Shah
1980 G AHR# 00219546
Ansata Sudarra
1982 G AHR# 0259990
Nadira Fujai
1987 G AHR# 0397192
Shaikh Al Badi
1969 G AHR# 0054456
1958 G AHR# 0032261
*Bint Maisa El Saghira
1958 B AHR# 0023220
1972 G AHR# 0079577
1966 G AHR# 0036239
1968 G AHR# 0049851

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