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Nader Al Jamal
Nader Al Jamal ( Ansata Sinan x Savannah CC )

Ansata Sinan x Savannah CC
2004 Grey Colt

Sired by International champion Ansata Sinan, and son of the very beautiful and elegant Savannah CC, our immediate impression of this colt at his birth was that we had something very different. This interesting cross has produced a colt of great stretch and presence with an exceptionally beautiful head. He sold as a weanling to the Atlanta Partners of Indianapolis, Indiana.  His early show record includes Reserve Futurity titles as a yearling and two year-old at the US Egyptian Event.  He was then was leased to Ariela Arabians, Israel where he has been used heavily as a sire his three and four year-old years. He now holds the title of Israel National Champion Colt.

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Pedigree: Nader Al Jamal ( formerly TS Atlanta )
Nader Al Jamal
2004 AHR# 0609527
Ansata Sinan
1992 G AHR# 0482308
Prince Fa Moniet
1981 G AHR# 0239446
1967 G AHR# 0045351
Fa Moniet
1987 G AHR# 0042922
Ansata Nefara
1988 G AHR# 0410754
Ansata Halim Shah
1980 G AHR# 00219546
Ansata Sudarra
1982 G AHR# 0259990
Savannah CC
1997 G AHR# 0548010
Thee Desperado
1989 B AHR# 044704
The Minstril
1984 B AHR# 0322707
AK Amiri Asmarr
1985 G AHR# 0332829
Miss Maggie Mae
1991 G AHR# 0486434
The Minstril
1984 B AHR# 0322707
Bint Magidaa
1970 G AHR# 0062907

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