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Zakeyat ( Gad Allah x Zakyia )

Gad Allah x Zakyia
1992 Grey Mare
Bred by El Zahraa Stud, Cairo, Egypt

The Gem from Egypt has arrived! 

Two Silos Farm Egyptian Arabians is proud to announce the arrival of Zakeyat (Gad Allah x Zakyia), Straight Egyptian 1992 grey mare. 

A project two years in the making successfully hit the mark on August 8, 2011 when the trailer quietly rolled through the farm gates in the early morning hours.

Bred at El Zahraa Stud, Cairo, Egypt, Zakeyat is one of very few EAO-bred mares to arrive in this country in many years. Tall, exotic, and flea-bitten, she carries with her a renowned, but rare pedigree.  Through a friendship made via internet, Zakeyat was brought to our attention by Zoran Sordjan of Ash Aanon Arabians in Slovenia.  Over a year period Zoran persistently spoke of Zakeyat until time presented us with an opportunity to evaluate her in Italy at her owners, 2M Arabians. Friend and trainer Joseph Polo was dispatched for the task and in very short order the decision was made.  Zakeyat was purchased and then moved from 2M to Select Breeders North Germany between Christmas and New Years, dodging severe winter storms.

Shortly after that we began searching for a stallion to breed to Zakeyat, one that would compliment her unique pedigree and physical attributes, and making her plane ticket a two-for-one deal. We settled on Babolna-bred Emiratus B.  By March she was ready to breed and settled immediately at age 18.

Then we waited.  Shipping was a risky thing in early pregnancy.  Week after week went by until finally we passed the 120 day mark.  Carefully vanned to Frankfurt, then turned over to air cargo, Zakeyat was hoisted onto her flight and was westward-bound across the Atlantic. Ten hours later she touched down at Kennedy, passed through USDA quarantine, then on to CEM quarantine in Maryland for the next several weeks.

That being completed we were scheduled to meet her transport in Lexington, a rendezvous delayed by an unfortunate turbo “malfunction” on Interstate-44 the day Missouri reached 108F. Things were quickly rearranged and Zakeyat remained safely on hold in Maryland until Ford Motor Company addressed the issue. Forty-eight hours later we were back in business, and the final journey began.

Due to extreme summer heat she was hauled through the night, rested in Lexington, then finally Missouri-bound through a second night of darkness.  Photographer Jerry Sparagowski, ever-vigilant in capturing events in the world of the Arabian horse, was waiting in the drive to document the last turn into the Farm.  Jerry’s following photographs are real-time. 

After she was unloaded she was walked directly into the stall she will foal in, but not being able to resist, we presented her to Hadidi, former Paris World Champion, and her intended mate in the year to come.  How amazing life can be… here was a mare born in Cairo exchanging exhaled breath with a grandson of Morafic!  It had never occurred to us what an important moment this was until we actually saw the photograph. Morafic, believed by some to be El Zahraah’s greatest treasure in a sense now joins its program again… and history comes full-circle. 

We would like to thank the following people who made Zakeyat’s journey a safe and successful one:

  • Zoran Sordjan  for recognizing her importance and sharing this knowledge with us.
  • Joseph Polo for travel and negotiating her purchase.
  • 2M Arabians for allowing us to be the next chapter in her life.
  • Guido Klatte Horse Transport for her hauling and safekeeping throughout Europe.
  • Kirsten Schwenzer, DVM and Select Breeders North Germany for her breeding and months of care.
  • The Von Elm family, owners of Emiratus B for their help in her immediate pregnancy and for their fabulous hospitality.
  • Dutta Corporation for her air transport.
  • Smith-Embry Insurance Associates Inc. with Lloyds of London for her safety on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Rigbie Farm for her CEM Quarantine.
  • Johnson Horse Transportation, US Leg 1, for their flexibility during adversity and a spotless operation.
  • Abe Moore, US Leg 2, driver extraordinaire.
  • Jerry Sparagowski, Photographer.

For Zakeyat's story in pictures click on the slide show below.

  • Importation Slide Show - Once the slide show below loads, click the left or right side of photo to control presentation
Pedigree: Zakeyat
Grey 1992
Grey 1983
Bay 1973
EAO*171 Bay 1961
EAO*644 Bay 1968
Chestnut 1977
EAO*615 Bay 1968
EAO*188 Chestnut 1963
Bay 1983
Bay 1968
EAO*535 Bay 1962
EAO*408 Bay 1949
Chestnut 1974
EAO*290 Bay 1959
EAO*676 Chestnut 1970

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