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Julianna Badi ( TCP Rada Bazaz x Nadira Fujai )
TCP Rada Bazaz x Nadira Fujai
2001 Grey Filly

A blend of old and new Egyptian lines, Julianna Badi is by a Thee Desperado son and out of a Shaikh al Badi daughter. This graceful-bodied mare has a superb shoulder, excellent length of neck, beautiful throat, and high straight tail carriage. A grey with a base coat of black with minimal white marking, Julie is very strong in pigment, has large, dark eyes, and a lovely disposition. We are pleased to have the opportunity to co-own Julie with Butterfield Arabians.

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Pedigree: Julianna Badi
Julianna Badi
2001 G AHR# 0588539
TCP Rada Bazaz
1993 C AHR# 0491762
The Desperado
1989 B AHR# 0447044
The Minstril
1984 B AHR# 0322707
AK Amiri Asmarr
1985 G AHR# 0332829
Ansata Mara
1989 G AHR# 0430226
DAJ Abbas Pasha
1974 G AHR# 0112143
Ansata Astarra
1981 G AHR# 0237261
Nadira Fujai
1967 G AHR# 0397192
Shaikh Al Badi
1969 G AHR# 0054456
1958 G AHR# 0032261
*Bint Maisa El Saghira
1958 B AHR# 0023220
1972 G AHR# 0079577
1966 G AHR# 0036239
1968 G AHR# 0049851

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