made and at age 19 Hadidi arrived safely in quarantine on U.S. shores, preparing for his journey back to the heartland of America. When they arrived in Maryland to greet him in quarantine, Joe took one look at Hadidi and said: “Gail, we did the right thing, this is a great horse.”
         Joseph Polo, international judge and trainer, shares some reflections on Hadidi: “Seeing him over his long show career, Hadidi was simply a beautiful show horse with great charisma and presence. His is a big, handsome, beautiful stallion. He is also clearly a great broodmare sire. His daughters have gone on to become top producers, producing champions in Europe and Brazil. Given his long, successful show career and the international interest in his daughters, their success in the shows and how they produce, the horse has clearly proven himself over a long time, siring
better than himself. Now he brings that opportunity back to American soil.”
         Soon Hadidi will become the head sire at Two Silos and exchange the warm winds of Italy for the cool breezes of the Ozark Highlands. Once he is comfortably settled in, breeding the farm’s mares will be the first order of business, followed by an evaluation of opportunities to maximize what he offers as a sire.
         It is a heartwarming story. The unforgettable two-year-old colt that leaves his birthplace, leaving behind closing doors, for foreign shores looking for open doors. With his charisma, charm, and steely determination, he becomes a celebrity, first in Europe and then internationally, and finally returns to his original homeland, a symbol of the glory days of the Gleannloch legacy, a seasoned veteran, an ambassador for the noble Arabian horse, and a patriarch for future matriarchs.

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